Medial Social Services

Medical Social Workers

Social workers help patients with family and personal issues such as:

  • Finding resources for necessary care and upkeep
  • Coordinating meal delivery and other necessary services
  • Assisting with housing, transportation and long-term care options
  • Helping with group therapy, outreach services, crisis prevention and social rehabilitation
  • Planning supportive services for the patient’s return to the community
  • Advising patients, their caregivers and other home care staff


Our nurses, therapists, and aides have all the tools to deliver efficient,
patient-centered, quality care.

Our social workers play an important role in the home care team. Whether the patient’s needs are due to a disease or another disabling condition, our social workers are accustomed to handling difficult situations and using their expertise to provide assistance when it is needed most.

The cost of home social workers is often covered by Medicare and other health insurances. Some patients and family members pay for social workers on a private pay basis.

Apple Home Healthcare social workers have at least a master’s degree at an accredited academic institution and must pass a special licensure examination.

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